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Our passion is to create fresh baby food, free of chemicals and preservatives, and deliver it to your door. 

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After I found Café Baby and received our first Spoonies Intro Bundle, I can honestly say trying new foods has been my favorite part of the day! Thank you for making at least one part of this 'first time mom thing' a lot easier!


I initially ordered a starter kit just to get an idea of what my son will like before I start making our own food, but these purees are so healthy, tasty (I have tried them all so far!) and affordable, and Sherri and Jeannie are so fabulous to work with...we may not hassle with making our own! Maybe instead I can use that time to get to my long list of projects that have been taking a backseat.


Stella is six months old and she is loving eating the Spoonies!  Being a mom of two keeps me busy, so I am very grateful to have ready-to-go baby food that is homemade and full of love.


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The Lost Tradition of Family Mealtime

The Lost Tradition of Family Mealtime

But, it’s not just a child’s physical well-being that benefits from home-cooked meals.  When families eat together, there is a great opportunity for connection and conversation.  These moments lead to a developed sense of belonging to a stronger performance in school and even helps to prevent things like depression or reckless behavior, such as drug use.  
Baby Led Weaning? Baby Led What?

Baby Led Weaning? Baby Led What?

Every baby’s journey into the solids world is different and you have to find what works best for your family. And sometimes what you think will work, your baby will dictate something completely different. Parenting is full of choices and this one should be a fun exploration of figuring out what your baby can or won’t eat.
Mom Pressure is Real

Mom Pressure is Real

Mom guilt. The constant mental harassing. The incessant nagging in your brain telling you to do something you’re not. The relentless pressure to be better than you are. The push to do more. You’re here but you want to be there. “You’re not doing enough,” your conscience says, but in reality, you’re hanging on by a thread. 



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