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Our passion is to create fresh baby food, free of chemicals and preservatives, and ship it to your door. 

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Choose your subscription box based on Baby's age. Decide how often you want it delivered. Select your items. Modify, skip, or cancel your delivery at any time.

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To maintain precious nutrients, we steam or roast all of our fruits and vegetables to order. We then purée, package and flash freeze. Our ingredients are never cooked at high temperatures to preserve shelf life. Your order is shipped frozen to your doorstep. You can also specify at checkout to arrange pick up at the kitchen in downtown Indy or at the farmers’ markets.


Thaw and Serve

Not only does Baby enjoy their food, but you get to enjoy the peace-of-mind and convenience of having freshly-prepared baby food ready to go in the freezer! Store purées in the freezer for up to four months and in the refrigerator for up to a week.

Fresh vs. Processed

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About Us

Hi! My name is Jeannie and I'm a busy, working parent who didn't have time to make my baby food. My mom and I started Café Baby so busy caregivers like you can give their baby the best.

Baby Subscription Boxes

Build Baby's meals for the week or month. You choose how often your delivery arrives. Modify or skip your delivery at any time.

Lactation Cookies

Having trouble with your milk supply or need an excuse to eat a cookie? Try our delicious lactation cookies to give you that extra boost.

Happy Customers

Café Baby has been amazing and that is an understatement! The food is excellent and I know my little one is getting fresh, healthy food. Even my husband and I joke about ordering some for ourselves because that is how good it is! If you haven't already, give Café Baby a try!


Our family absolutely loves Café Baby! Being a first time mom is hard, especially when you don’t really know what you’re doing in the beginning. When we were ready to start our baby on solids, we were very concerned about freshness and all of the studies claiming that jarred store bought baby food had significant levels of heavy metals. I learned about Café Baby and seeing how fresh their foods are with NO preservatives at all, I was sooo happy to have found them. It’s so convenient to have them deliver the food right to our door! I don’t have to worry about spending all my time making my baby’s food. And best part: it’s very affordable. Thank you sooo much Café Baby!!! 


I HIGHLY recommend Café Baby! My six month old would not eat anything other than oatmeal and breast milk. I tried other brands and he spit them all out with a disgusted look on his face. I tried Café Baby one time and he instantly loved it. Just goes to show pure ingredients go a long way and I’m so happy he’s finally enjoying eating solids now!


I recently received some of the Café Baby Mommy's Milk Lactation Cookies from my sister-in-law when our family welcomed our newest addition to the family in early October. The cookies have given us the best start for breastfeeding and they are delicious! They're pretty much my new favorite dessert and I love that I feel good about eating them.

When we arrived home from the hospital I ordered five dozen - some to gift to other mommies and some to keep. Can't wait to try other products as our little one grows.


After I found Café Baby and received our first Spoonies Intro Bundle, I can honestly say trying new foods has been my favorite part of the day! Thank you for making at least one part of this 'first time mom thing' a lot easier!


I initially ordered a starter kit just to get an idea of what my son will like before I start making our own food, but these purees are so healthy, tasty (I have tried them all so far!) and affordable, and Sherri and Jeannie are so fabulous to work with...we may not hassle with making our own! Maybe instead I can use that time to get to my long list of projects that have been taking a backseat.


I LOVE your business! You guys make it so easy for a working mama to feed her baby and know they are getting quality meals and snacks! We have been ordering from you for about 7 months now and my little guy absolutely loves everything! Highly recommend you to everyone. THANK YOU THANK YOU for making my life a little easier!


We’ve been shopping at Café Baby at the Carmel Farmers Market and through their food delivery service since our daughter was old enough to eat solids. We’ve been able to introduce her to so many good healthy foods, she’s become an adventurous eater at an early age, and it is so convenient to just stop by the market on Saturdays or order for delivery! We love Café Baby!


I'm obsessed! Literally. They are so good and fresh! I was so excited to order that I ordered two bags of cookies. My little gained 3.5lbs in a month, my milk supply definitely increased and we've created a huge stash!


The Café Baby Blog

At the Farmers’ Market, things are alive!

At the Farmers’ Market, things are alive!

Barbra Kingsolver makes a great case for consuming food that comes from your local community within the first few pages of Animal, Vegetable, Miracle. She writes, “If every US citizen ate just one meal a week (any meal) composed of locally and organically raised meat and produce, we would reduce our country’s oil consumption by 1.1 million barrels of oil every week.” A typical meal travels 1,500 miles (more miles than most American’s travel on yearly vacations) to get to your plate consuming natural resources and adding to pollution every mile.

Fed is Best, Whether you Breastfeed, Exclusively Pump or Formula Feed

Fed is Best, Whether you Breastfeed, Exclusively Pump or Formula Feed

That night at the restaurant, I realized she was right. I don’t know why I needed someone to tell me it was okay to quit. Truth be told, there is so much pressure for moms to breastfeed and I felt like a failure that I wasn’t able to do so. Camila and I had attended so many support groups and met with so many lactation consultants, but something just wasn’t working. I still wanted her to have breastmilk but didn’t know how
Breastfeeding: It doesn’t have to be ALL or NOTHING.

Breastfeeding: It doesn’t have to be ALL or NOTHING.

If there are any new moms reading this or moms who are dusting off their breastfeeding training wheels, know that breastfeeding doesn’t have to be ALL or NOTHING. Every breastfeeding journey looks different and sometimes it lasts three weeks and sometimes it lasts three years- both are okay. Both are beautiful journeys. 



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