Chewies Baby Bundle

Chewies Baby Bundle

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Subscribe to a Baby Bundle and have your fresh baby food delivered without thinking about it.  You choose how much you want and how often you want it delivered, and let us do all of the planning. You can always modify or skip your delivery from your account. Please indicate Baby's preferences in the order comments box, otherwise it will be a random assortment.   This assortment may include purees from the Spoonies menu.

22 Container Bundle Includes:

(Recommended every 2 weeks)

7 - 6 oz. fruit purees

7 - 6 oz. vegetable purees

4 - 6 oz. dinner purees

4 - 6 oz. cereals

44 Container Bundle Includes:

(Recommended every 4 weeks)

14 - 6 oz. fruit purees

14 - 6 oz. vegetable purees

8 - 6 oz. dinner purees

8 - 6 oz. cereals



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